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Good artists copy,
great artists steal 


digital artist jp palmunen

JP Palmunen

Award Winning Digital Artist

Digital artist from new era. Everything you can imagine can be done as image. I represent the new kind of image builders where nothing is safe from me. Always eager to learn more, develop as photographer and digital artist.

My specialty is portrait and composite imaging.

  • Silver Medal from Finnish Camera Club Association
  • 2014, 2015 PSA Gold Medal from Greek international Digital Circuit.
  • Selveral acceptances on International circuits round the world.
  • Several publications on One Eyeland
  • Several publications on 1x.com
  • Picture of the Day at fstoppers.com

Have an Idea? Contact me and let’s make it an image.

I’m currently located in Kuopio, Finland but soon moving more south to Espoo.


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Personal projects

JP Palmunen

+358 44925 7979